The Richest People In The World 2011

Najbogatiji ljudi na svijetu Forbes is out with its new billionaires list. Here’s the Top 5. Mexican telecom magnate Carlos Slim Helu is #1.

Here’s the Top 5:
Carlos Slim HelĂş
1. Carlos Slim HelĂş
Net worth: 74 billion dolars
year: 71
City: Mexico City

Bill Gates
2.Bill Gates
Net worth: 54 billion dolars
Year: 55
City: Medina, Washington

Warren Buffett3.Warren Buffett
Net worth: 50 billion dolars
Year: 80
City: Omaha, Nebraska

Bernard Arnault4.Bernard Arnault
Net worth: 41 billion dolars
Year: 62
City: Pariz

Larry Ellison
5.Larry Ellison
Net worth: 39,5 billion dolars
Year: 66
City: Woodside, California

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