Pollution in China

Lu Guang was born 1961 in Zhejiang province of China and encountered photography at the age of 20 when working in a silk factory. He studied at Beijing’s Tsinghua University from 1993 to 1995 and has since worked as a freelance photographer. His work is focused on social and economic issues. Here is his documentary […]

60 stunning photos shoted from a plane

Here are pictures made by “Letchik Lekha” in different period of time and in different parts of the world. Here you will see how pilots see the sky, planes, storm, clouds or unique views of sunrise and sunset from a height of 12,000 meters.

Old photos of Russian Typhoon-class nuclear submarine

The Typhoon ballistic missile nuclear-powered (SSBN) submarines are the largest submarines ever to be built. They were constructed at the Severodvinsk Shipyard, on the White Sea near Archangel. The first of the six members of the class to be commissioned was TK 208 in 1981, followed by TK 202 in 1983, TK 12 in 1984, […]