Ivan Horvat osigurao finale u skoku s motkom na OI mladih

Osjecki skakac s motkom 17-godisnji Ivan Horvat, hrvatski rekorder danas je u kvalifikacijama u Singaporu iz jednog pokusaja na 4.70 osigurao nastup u finalu. Inace Horvat ima najbolji rezultat od svih finalista u skoku s motkom na Olimpijskim igrama mladih. (more…)

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Kaanapali Beach – the Jewel of Maui

Kaanapali Beach Kaanapali Beach, the “Jewel of Maui,” as it is called – West Maui resort was once named the best beach in America. It’s no surprise this resort once received that designation, as it served in the past as a retreat for royalty. Interestingly, this Maui resort was the first one planned in Hawaii. It offers five different hotels and six condominium villages. On the front of the beach is Whalers Village, which gives tourists a second-to-none shopping experience. Tourists and their families can also visit the renowned whaling museum and experience Hawaiian culture, free of charge. If you are the type who enjoys more traditional recreation, the area also sports two golf courses, with prime locations for viewing whales.

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Different Styles Of Windows And Doors

windows & doors Choosing windows and doors for your home can be confusing when there are so many products on the market. These very important additions to your home function as gateways to the outside world. They also add value, strength and beauty to your property. There are some things to consider before you make your purchase and installation. One of these things is the style. The style you choose depends on your home’s design, location and the type of weather conditions in your area. (more…)

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Old photos of Russian Typhoon-class nuclear submarine

typhoon2-500x317 The Typhoon ballistic missile nuclear-powered (SSBN) submarines are the largest submarines ever to be built. They were constructed at the Severodvinsk Shipyard, on the White Sea near Archangel.
The first of the six members of the class to be commissioned was TK 208 in 1981, followed by TK 202 in 1983, TK 12 in 1984, TK 13 in 1985, TK 17 in 1987 and TK 20 in 1989. The submarines were stationed with the Russian Northern Fleet at Litsa Guba.

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