Snake swallows chameleon

Snake swallows chameleon Footage shows the savage serpent circling the animal before striking it and injecting its body with a toxic paralysing poison. This is the moment a defenceless chameleon comes face-to-face with a very hungry snake and is eaten for lunch. The pictures were taken by British photographer Paula Webster in Madagascar at the Andasibe National Park.

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Face to face with animals by David Yarrow

Face to face with animals by David Yarrow Scottish wildlife photographer David Yarrow comes face to face with deadly animals to capture stunning images. He has travelled to some of the world’s remotest destinations. Mr Yarrow, from Glasgow, has produced almost 90 black and white pictures of wildlife in some of the harshest landscapes on Earth. The self-taught 47-year-old said the confrontation was his ‘one moment of real fear’ during his travels to collect the stunning pictures for his new book.

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What dogs think about vuvuzelas – videos

dogs vs vuvuzelas Vuvuzela – supposedly a traditional instrument in Africa. In fact, on the Football World Cup matches in JAR vuvuzela is ordinary piece of plastic that is mass produced by Chinese. Probably no fan of football which is not bother with vuvuzela on the stadiums. See in videos below post how dogs react to the sound of the vuvuzela.

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He have luck or…

bik koji leĹľi This guy was lucky enough to avoid such a disaster, although I’m not sure being stuck under a 2 ton bull feels any better. I guess the saying “when you mess with the bull, you get the horns” isn’t entirely true. Sometimes you end up getting the bull’s back as he lays on you with his legs spread eagle in the air.

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