Crazy ideas for wedding ceremony

Need a fresh idea to celebrate your most beautiful days? Personalize your wedding ceremony with these crazy ceremony ideas. Check out some crazy ideas from people who are not into traditional weddings.

Naked Buddha sculpture in Jinan, China

The sculptures of two naked Buddha climbing houses, which met the public upon completion in Jinan, east China’s Shandong province on Sunday, January 19, 2014, attract many passers-by to watch. With folded hands, the “naked” Buddha called a novice to climb a house. Very bizarre to me…

Been waking up late for some reason

So today i found out why i have been waking up late. My boxer Kermit has been snoozing my alarm, this alarm has a snooze button that has to be held to activate, he apparently is aware of this feature haha, the alarm is on the floor now because i am moving and have moved […]

Only in Russia!

From Russia, this great and bizarre state come some of the most bizarre, insane and dangerous venture. So here is a detailed GIF gallery of some of these crazy and bizarre venture: