Been waking up late for some reason

So today i found out why i have been waking up late. My boxer Kermit has been snoozing my alarm, this alarm has a snooze button that has to be held to activate, he apparently is aware of this feature haha, the alarm is on the floor now because i am moving and have moved […]

Airport Security Saves Baby In Amazing Catch

A careless father sits his little boy down on a luggage counter in Katowice-Pyrzowice airport and begins to take on his jacket while the kid is slowly leaning more and more forwards. Thankfully, one of the airport’s security officers observes the situation and saves the baby from a painful crash with an amazing, volleyball-like dive. […]

Filipino kids sensation – Dance with my Father

A 14-year-old kid Aldrich Loyd Talonding from General Santos City has added his name to the growing list of local Youtube sensations. With a voice full of power and passion, Aldrich Loyd Talonding’s stunning rendition of Luther Vandross’ 2003 hit single “Dance with my Father” instantly became a hit on Facebook, Youtube and numerous social […]

Miami Properties – Pick the Right Property

Miami is not merely a popular traveler place but also a flourishing real estate market. There are lots of individuals who are amazed with Miami that is why there are also a great deal of them who desire to completely remain in the metro. And this is the reason the real estate market of Miami […]

Man Walks Away From Lightning Strike – video

A strike that hits very close to you is likely to cause hearing problems, burns, loss of eye sight and minor head trauma. When a bolt of lightning is discharged, it heats the air up so much that it expands to almost vacuum staus. This causes a loud bang, also known as thunder. How than […]