You are currently viewing Filipino kids sensation – Dance with my Father

Filipino kids sensation – Dance with my Father

Aldrich and James A 14-year-old kid Aldrich Loyd Talonding from General Santos City has added his name to the growing list of local Youtube sensations. With a voice full of power and passion, Aldrich Loyd Talonding’s stunning rendition of Luther Vandross’ 2003 hit single “Dance with my Father” instantly became a hit on Facebook, Youtube and numerous social networking sites. The video showcasing Talonding’s superb musicality also features his cousin James Walter Bucong on guitar. The two boys are members of B’laan, a tribal community in the southern Mindanao.

The viral video has more than 80,000 likes and was shared more than 80,000 times on Facebook. Moreover, the video was viewed more than 899,000 times on the YouTube since it was uploaded on April 21, 2013.

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