The Amazing Trucking Industry in America [Infographic]

The Amazing Trucking Industry in America [Infographic] America’s trucking industry is a $671 billion industry. This is more than twice the size of Canada’s $295 billion trucking industry and more than three times the size of Mexico trucking industry which is valued at $195.6 billion according to the latest estimates. The significance of America’s trucking industry can’t therefore be overlooked. Check out this cool infographic by!

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Airport Security Saves Baby In Amazing Catch

Airport Security Saves Baby In Amazing Catch A careless father sits his little boy down on a luggage counter in Katowice-Pyrzowice airport and begins to take on his jacket while the kid is slowly leaning more and more forwards. Thankfully, one of the airport’s security officers observes the situation and saves the baby from a painful crash with an amazing, volleyball-like dive. This happened on the 23rd of November 2013, but only now was this video released to the public.

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Amazing Book Sculptures

Zanimljive skulpture od starih knjiga Su Blackwell likes fairy tales and folk-lore and is making several book-sculptures where she cuts out shapes from old books and make them to something new. Here you can see that she has made mini-trees and plant sculptures that she has protected inside glass boxes. She does also cut-out illustrations and other stuff as well. You can take a look at some of the book art where she has cut out castles and trees and made them look like they are growing out of the pages, like the plot has come alive. Why she’s using paper has something to do with the fact that paper has been used for communication since its invention.

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