Naked Buddha sculpture in Jinan, China

The sculptures of two naked Buddha climbing houses, which met the public upon completion in Jinan, east China’s Shandong province on Sunday, January 19, 2014, attract many passers-by to watch. With folded hands, the “naked” Buddha called a novice to climb a house. Very bizarre to me…

Man Walks Away From Lightning Strike – video

A strike that hits very close to you is likely to cause hearing problems, burns, loss of eye sight and minor head trauma. When a bolt of lightning is discharged, it heats the air up so much that it expands to almost vacuum staus. This causes a loud bang, also known as thunder. How than […]

When Snake go Hungry

When the road workers in Arizona found a snake which have dinner, they knew that this would be a something worth watching. So they set up a safety pins, take the camera and began to document the event. Snake took about five hours to finish dinner. Take a look at photos of this bizarre meals.

Boy Matador – 12 – Gored during Bullfight ! – video

12-year-old bullfighter Michelito Lagravere is out of danger after being gored twice by a bull during a match at the Plaza de Toros in Cali on Sunday. El Espectador reported that the young bullfighter was gored and trampled in the first moments of his performance. The child then returned and was gored again by a […]