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Why Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are The Ideal Option

Why Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are The Ideal Option The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most unique and scenic wonders in the United States. The canyon is an impressive 277 miles long and is appreciated throughout the world for its beauty and majesty.

Unless you know your way around or you’re on a Grand Canyon bus trip, you might have trouble finding the best places to view the beautiful scenery. So, if you’re interested in a scenic, cost-effective way to see this magnificent place, you should consider taking a Grand Canyon motor coach ride.

The Grand Canyon was carved from rock millions of years ago by the Colorado River; the process created unique rock formations, spectacular colors, and majestic views that attract tourist from all over the world. Many travelers enjoy watching the sun set over the canyon’s rim or hiking along the South Rim’s Bright Angel Trail. Some also participate in rafting trips down the Colorado River.

Why Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are The Ideal Option

Typically, canyon coach trips head for the West Rim or the South Rim. The South Rim trips take an entire day so those usually start when the sun comes up. For your convenience, many of the tours provide a pickup and drop off shuttle from your hotel to the bus departure point.

You will see lookout points at Yaki, Mather, and Yavapai when you take a bus to the South Rim. From each of these points you can see breathtaking views. Another stop is Grand Canyon Village where you can dine in a restaurant, shop in interesting stores, and visit unique galleries and museums. Be prepared for a day packed full of fun and sightseeing as your bus will take off from Vegas around 7:30 a.m. and not return until 9:00 p.m.

Why Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are The Ideal Option

The drive to the West Rim is not as long, it only takes about 2 hours to get there from Vegas. It will take you by the gigantic Hoover Dam and the scenic Lake Mead. Your tour itinerary may also include the chance to see Eagle and Guano Points and the Hualapai Indian Village. The village is worth seeing as it has Native American dwellings and an outdoor amphitheater.

There are several tour companies to choose from and they offer different experiences for you to enjoy. One of the most popular and fun packages is one that includes descending to the floor of the canyon by helicopter, riding a boat down the Colorado River, and walking out on the thrilling glass Grand Canyon Skywalk. One of those tours would be amazing fun and you could experience many different aspects of the canyon.

Why Grand Canyon Bus Tours Are The Ideal Option

There are other canyon coach trips to choose from too. For example, most tour companies offer custom trips for an extra charge. These trips offer a very personal experience and have limited seating. They may not last as long as the typical bus ride to the South Rim, but you will have the undivided attention of the tour guide and your meals will be better too. You’ll find these tours to be a little more enjoyable that the basic bus tours. Book your tour at least two weeks in advance, especially if you’ll be traveling in a group.

The best place to start is by reading the Internet sites of canyon bus tour operators. You can even book and pay for your tour online. Compare the offers online so you can get the best deal that offers good meals and other comfortable amenities. Just make sure you reserve your seats early — that way you’ll be able to enjoy the tour that interests you most.

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